Today in Japan is a children’s day. It was a blessing warm weather and I suddenly remembered the days of my children’s birth. As I looked at their baby pictures, I thought of the precious time when I spent so hard every day to become a mother and felt gratitude for what we have now.


 As I continued to breast feed with the help of my devoted family and the warmth and thoughts of many of our friend’s support, our children grew up with full of energy and smiles, which became the greatest joy for us ever.


 I often wondered if my choices were right or wrong as everything was the first experience being a mother. But as I look back those days, they were a wonderful time of my life to experience the mystery and the beauty of life.



 On the other hand, certain people began to spread rumors that were not even true. I felt a strong indignation over the stories that just ignored the true intentions by disturbing one’s heart. I felt deep sorrow for such immature act that trampled one’s dignity even without any care.

 I believe that people can understand each other’s sorrow, pain and joy and forgive each other with comfort if they try to understand. To raise our children in a warm caring society is our goal as humankind.


 Everything felt for the first time to see with my children. It was full of discovery filled with brilliant dreams. Even the plants that bloom in each of the seasons felt new and fresh. I learned humanity and appreciation every day.


 The importance of each individual to speak in their own words and nurture a rich heart that is truthful with a deep consideration of others.


 In a world where people suffer from conflict everyday, I sincerely hope to be a person who can contribute toward a free and bright society for all the living creature in this world.


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Coyright © Yukiko Shimizu