I believe that there are friends and experiences in life that must be encountered at the right time of one’s lifetime.
 I’ve met variety of people through out the world who brought different point of view in my life.
 These precious experiences are the joys of life that money cannot replace.



 During covid-19 our freedom vanished instantly. While learning motherhood in Japan I’ve experienced narrow perspectives and society which pushes people away who have different opinions and criticize more than necessary.
 I tried to pretend that I did not feel anything so that I could blend in. It only made me speechless with miserable sad feeling . I understood that people were just trying to bring me down instead of building a true relationship.


 If one’s soul desire a fulfilled happinesses then he our she should take full advantage.
 If one may miss once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because of the interference of others, it is that act that should be criticized.
 Not the one who took a wild step to leave the ordinary .


 One should not be harmed by the eyes of others, much less tormented by slander, but instead elevate with the wings of freedom and liberation.



 The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which I visited wearing an abaya that covered my body has brought spiritual meanings which I would not have realized if I had visited 10 years ago.


  In this age of social networking, the sanctuary of one’s heart is so fragile, but like the silk that gently covers the body, I felt a sense of relief that I was protected by a great unknown. By concealing the body It brought healing and balance deep within.


  Like sand in the desert that vanishes in the blink of an eye as the wind blows it away, people should not be obsessively attached to anything. As good and evil simply passes by we are just a part of a  life. 

 Understanding this my sight was filled with beauty and complexity of the rules of universe.




  I was asked to exhibit my works in Dubai, but since so much time had passed since the last exhibition, I was hesitant and could not decide. My friends encouraged me to take the chance and so I did. 

 During the exhibition people respected me for being a women and a mother and an artist and they listened to my stories with great heart. I was protected and felt a warm wind blow that opened new doors for me.

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Coyright © Yukiko Shimizu