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Thank you very much for coming to the opening reception party. Your support means a lot and it gave me strength to pursue my career as an artist. I was not aware why I brought these bright pastel works when I had a discussion with the owner since I’ve been showing a lot more heavy taste recently. To be honest I wasn’t 100% sure if these were the right works… Till the opening reception when I saw lots of laughter and joy and warm messages from all the guests I understood what art can do to connect people. Uplift the energy of the entire space. It’s just been a wonderful night gathering with everyone and sharing a lovely time together. Thank you very very much.


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数年前のTokyo Frontline Photo Awardに入選したセルフポートレートの作品が印象的だったと、公開審査を観覧されてた方が先日のレセプションパーティーにお越しくださり、あの様な作品をまた観たいとおしゃって頂きました。其れにより、急遽作品集(少し違うバージョン)を置かせて頂く事になりました⭐️特殊メイクを施した状態で自身で撮影を行い顔面血だらけになりながら映像・音も制作しました。様々な作品集を置いてますので、どうぞお手に取りご覧ください。展示会は23日迄です✨

My work was selected by the Tokyo frontline photo award open review few years ago and one of the viewer came to the reception party at Kai told me how my work gave him an impact and that he would like to see more of them. The self-portrait was with a special effect makeup which made my face bleed. I made motion and sound work as well. 
The exhibition is till Sep.23. 

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Coyright © Yukiko Shimizu